CG-Pro Update Log
CG-Pro Software update V2.1.0.0 version


CG-Pro V2.1.0.0  NEW
1. Increase chip support model 150 types
 2. The key generation function type is added to the model, and the following models are supported.

   Alfa Romeo 166_1998_93C56

   Alfa Romeo 145_93C46

   Alfa Romeo 146_93C46

   Alfa Romeo 155_93C46

   Alfa Romeo 156_93C56

   Alfa Romeo 164_93C46

   Alfa Romeo GTV_93C46

   Alfa Romeo Spider_93C46





   Bentley Arnage_1998_24C04

   Citroen Berlingo_1998_93C46

   Citroen Elysee_2002_93C46

   Fiat Coupe_1996_93C46

   Fiat Croma_1996_93C46

   Fiat Panda_2002_9S12

   Fiat Sedici_2006_93C56

   Ford Galaxy_1995_2003_Diesel_24C04

   Ford Galaxy_1995_2003_Gasoline_77014

   Honda Accord_1999_68HC05

   Honda Civic_1997_MC68HC05

   Honda Civic_2001_MC68HC05

   Iveco Daily_1996_93C46

   Jaguar/Land Rover Freelander_2001_MC68HC11_ID73

   Jaguar/Land Rover 75_68HC11

   Jaguar/Land Rover 600_68HC05

   Jaguar/Land Rover 618_68HC05

   Jaguar/Land Rover 620_68HC05

   Jaguar/Land Rover 800_68HC05

   Jaguar/Land Rover Discovery3

   Lancia K_93C46

   Mitsubishi Carisma_2000_93C56

   Mitsubishi Space_Star_1999_93C56

   Peugeot 106_93C46

   Peugeot 206_1998_HC05

   Peugeot 406_1997_93C46_ID33

   Peugeot Partner_1997_93C46

   Seat Immobox_NO.6X0_953_257_24C04

   Suzuki Alto_2006_93C56

   Suzuki Grand_Vitara_2006_93C56

   Suzuki SX4_2006_93C56

   Suzuki Swift_2006_93C56

   Volvo 40_93C46

   Volvo 40_93C56

   Volvo 40_93C66

   Volvo 70_93C56

   Volvo 70_93C66

   Volvo 850_93C46

   Volvo 940_93C46

   Volvo Trucks_FH12_93C66

   Volvo Trucks_FH250_93C66

CG-Pro V2.0.5.0

1. Added support chip

   Fujitsu-MB91 MB91F59BC

   Fujitsu-MB91 MB91F594BS

   Fujitsu-MB91 MB91F591B

   Fujitsu-MB91 MB91F592B

   Fujitsu-MB91 MB91F594B

   Fujitsu-MB91 MB91F596B

   Fujitsu-MB91 MB91F597B

   Fujitsu-MB91 MB91F599B

   Fujitsu-MB91 MB91F59AC

   Fujitsu-MB91 MB91F578C

   Fujitsu-MB91 MB91F579C

   Fujitsu-MB91 MB91F577

   Fujitsu-MB91 MB91F575

   Fujitsu-MB91 MB91F060

   Fujitsu-MB91 MB91F067

   Infineon TC1793

   ST 35128WT (Normal area read and write)

   Motorola-HC(9)08 HC908AB32

   Motorola-HC(9)08 HC908AZ32A

   Motorola-HC(9)08 HC908AZ60-4J74Y(FLASH)

2. Added Immobilizer

   STEC IMMOBOX (0L07H 0L59X 0L72A 3K56G)

3. Added ECU

   BMW F Series B38 MEVD 17.2.3(F20 1793) (EEPROM)

   BMW F Series B38 MEVD 17.2.3(F20 1793) (FLASH)

   BMW F Series B38 MEVD 17.2.K(F20 1793) (EEPROM)

   BMW F Series B38 MEVD 17.2.K(F20 1793) (FLASH)

4. Added Hex Editor option to menu

   You can open the Hex Editor tool to view, modify, and compare data files.

5. Other fixes

   a. Improve CAS4 decryption stability

   b. V850 D70F35XX pin diagram improvement

   c. TC17XX pin diagram improvement

   d. Network interface update, now can submit feedback normally


CG-Pro V2.0.4.0  


1. Added Models - VIN - BMW CAS1-CAS4

   Loading CAS1~CAS4 data can automatically identify the VIN, you can modify the VIN and save

2. The Chips - Manufacturer - NEC modified to Renesas-V850 and the following models were added:

   D70F3231, D70F3232, D70F3233, D70F3234, D70F3235, 

   D70F3236, D70F3237, D70F3238, D70F3239, D70F3333, 

   D70F3334, D70F3335, D70F3336, D70F3340, D70F3341, 

   D70F3342, D70F3343, D70F3344, D70F3345, D70F3346, 

   D70F3347, D70F3348, D70F3350, D70F3351, D70F3352, 

   D70F3353, D70F3354, D70F3355, D70F3356, D70F3357, 

   D70F3358, D70F3364, D70F3365, D70F3366, D70F3367, 

   D70F3368, D70F3370A, D70F3371, D70F3372, D70F3373, 

   D70F3374, D70F3375, D70F3376A, D70F3377A, D70F3378, 

   D70F3379, D70F3380, D70F3381, D70F3382, D70F3383, 

   D70F3384, D70F3385, D70F3402, D70F3403, D70F3416, 

   D70F3417, D70F3421, D70F3422, D70F3423, D70F3424, 

   D70F3425, D70F3426, D70F3427, D70F3433, D70F3469, 

   D70F3522, D70F3523, D70F3524, D70F3525, D70F3526, 

   D70F3548, D70F3549, D70F3550, D70F3551, D70F3552, 

   D70F3553, D70F3554, D70F3555, D70F3557, D70F3558, 

   D70F3559, D70F3560, D70F3585, D70F3611, D70F3612, 

   D70F3613, D70F3614, D70F3615, D70F3616, D70F3617, 

   D70F3618, D70F3619, D70F3620, D70F3621, D70F3622, 

   D70F3623, D70F3628, D70F3634, D70F4000, D70F4001, 

   D70F4002, D70F4003, D70F4003, D70F4005, D70F4006, 

   D70F4007, D70F4008, D70F4009, D70F4010, D70F4011, 


3. Added Chips - CPU->MCU - Renesas-RH850 Series model:

   R7F701002, R7F701003, R7F701006, R7F701007, R7F701008, 

   R7F701009, R7F701010, R7F701011, R7F701012, R7F701013, 

   R7F701014, R7F701015, R7F701016, R7F701017, R7F701018, 

   R7F701019, R7F701020, R7F701021, R7F701022, R7F701023, 

   R7F701024, R7F701025, R7F701026, R7F701027, R7F701028, 

   R7F701029, R7F701030, R7F701033, R7F701034, R7F701040, 

   R7F701041, R7F701042, R7F701043, R7F701044, R7F701045, 

   R7F701046, R7F701047, R7F701048, R7F701049, R7F701050, 

   R7F701051, R7F701052, R7F701053, R7F701054, R7F701055, 

   R7F701056, R7F701057, R7F701401, R7F701402, R7F701403, 

   R7F701404, R7F701405, R7F701406, R7F701407, R7F701408, 

   R7F701410, R7F701411, R7F701412, R7F701421, R7F701422, 

   R7F701423, R7F701424, R7F701425, R7F701426, R7F701427, 

   R7F701428, R7F701430, R7F701431, R7F701432


CG-Pro V2.0.2.0 



1. Added ECU

   BMW E Series 3 or 5 series (FLASH)

   BMW E Series 3 or 5 series (Ext FLASH)

   BMW E Series 3 or 5 series (EEPROM)

   BMW E Series X1 (FLASH)

   BMW E Series X1 (Ext FLASH)

   BMW E Series X1 (EEPROM)

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